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Welcome to Agapé Hospice Care of South Carolina

At Agapé Hospice, we provide a loving faith-based environment that offers compassionate end of life care to individuals and their families. We understand the challenges that come with having a loved one with a terminal illness, and we want to help. Selecting quality hospice care is necessary to maintaining their quality of life and easing your concerns as a patient or caregiver.

We encourage you to learn more about the wonderful benefits to choosing us as your hospice partner.

What is South Carolina Hospice Care?

Hospice care focuses on the needs and well being of those with a terminal illness, regardless of the type of disease. Unlike a hospital, which focuses on treatment of the disease, a hospice focuses on the patient as a person and helping them to live comfortably. Not only do we help with caregiver tasks, such as dressing, feeding, and bathing, we also provide emotional and spiritual support to patients and their families.

Agapé Hospice – Your Guide to the Hospice Journey

At Agapé Hospice, you can be sure that we value our patients and give them a high standard of respect and care. It is never too early to begin the hospice journey, as many patients and their families have discovered the hospice difference for themselves and actually wished that they had enrolled sooner.

What are the benefits to receiving hospice care at Agapé? These and much more:

  • Opportunity to reflect and write down the patient’s health wishes to prepare patients and their families ahead of time.
  • Patients receive care in the comfort of an assisted living/skilled nursing center.
  • Grief support and an aided transition for the family after the patient’s passing.
  • Experienced physicians and care team who focus on the comfort and well being of the patient by minimizing pain and discomfort.
  • Prevents caregiver burnout and gives family members a chance to spend time with their loved one and resolve unfinished matters.
  • Improved quality of life for the patient, who is surrounded by acceptance, respect, and dignity.

Our convenient locations throughout South Carolina are ready to help you.

I want to start by saying Thank You from the bottom of my heart. I have worked with Agape since 2011 and been in hospice since 2005. All of these years did not prepare me to be a family member. As an employee I have laughed, cried, and held hands of not only our patients and family members, but our staff as well. The last 18 hours our staff held MY hand, laughed, and cried with me. I.C. Russell is my grandfather and a WW2 veteran. Taylor met with my family yesterday and set up a seamless transition from Lexington Hospital to our Greystone Hospice House. My family spoke very highly of Taylor and how easy he made this transition. Transport was set up within minutes it seemed. It was a 5pm admission, and I can say that truly surprised my family and they were very grateful. Granddaddy was in pain and had difficulty breathing. I sat back as a family member and watched our team work miracles to get him comfortable. Angel and Sylvia were amazing last night. John came in to pray with us. We got the call early this morning that he had rested comfortably for the night, but it was time. You know, we’ve all made that phone call, but I can honestly say we are never ready to receive that call. We got to the Hospice House and were met by our loving staff. This morning was nice, he was comfortable and peaceful. My dad was in the room holding his hand as Mrs. Mary and Katie were getting him comfortable. Katie came out to get me as it was time, the final moments. What can I say about the final moments? I’m embarrassed to say that I had a moment of panic, that is until I walked in the room. The lights were lowered, granddaddy was at peace, and was surrounded by a room full of love from both family and staff. I heard soft crying and sweet whispers, letting him go, it was peaceful and beautiful. Afterwards, we grieved as any family does. I want to say that our Hospice House is always prepared for whatever may occur, because in the middle of all of this, we had forgotten to say “Hey funeral home we need the flag cover”, actually we forgot to tell the staff. Heidi and Melina helped me make the moment perfect though. We found a flag and laid it upon his chest and we saw him out. I cannot say enough amazing things about our staff. They made this very surprising and short process a beautiful one that was full of love, comfort, and compassion. I want to say thank you to each and every one of you. Thank you for sharing this moment with me and my family. If I have missed anyone on this message, please send it to them.

Ashley Russell-Gause, CHC, Agapé Hospice Employee