Teen Volunteers

Teenage or Jr. Volunteers bring an energy to the Agapé Hospice team, and we love having them! Jr. Volunteers are any volunteers under the age of 18. Patients love the attention of younger people, and in a way, it makes them feel young again. In return, the patients offer the students wisdom and a chance to hear from someone who has a multitude of life experience. The students also get some early experience in the health care industry, which gives them a glimpse of what it's like to be a nurse, CNA or other related career.

There are many things a student can do directly for patients and their families or in an office setting. Students can become a companion, document stories of a patient’s life, help with events like bingo, or use their personal gifts and talents, like singing or art, to make a difference in the lives of patients. Students can also serve in an office doing administrative tasks which can help the staff stay organized.

To get started, all a student needs to do is contact their local Volunteer Coordinator and schedule an orientation - it's that easy. Once the Jr. Volunteer goes through the two-hour orientation, the Volunteer Coordinator will get them connected to a patient or job they will be doing. Don't worry; we walk each student through the entire process. We value our teenage volunteers here at Agapé Hospice and recognize what each individual brings to our team. It does not take much time or effort to bring joy to a patient’s life, and the rewards can last a life-time. 

I want to thank Agapé Hospice for doing an amazing job working with Millennium and the family to make sure that all our basis were covered while ensuring this woman got the services she deserved. She went GIP yesterday afternoon then passed early around 1 am.

I just wanted to say thank you to an amazing hospice team! Especially nurse Annie… she rocks!

Thanks so much guys!

Millennium Family, Post-Acute Rehabilitation