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Agapé Hospice of Hartsville is ready to serve you. Located in the heart of downtown Hartsville near Coker College and serving the Hartsville, Darlington, McBee, Bishopville, Patrick, and Society Hill communities, our staff is ready to provide the comfort and support you need. The office is located on North Fifth Street off of Highway US-15. Street parking is available in front of the office, and a city parking lot is available on College Avenue.

Contact Information

115 North Fifth Street
Hartsville, SC 29550

(843) 383-5115

Office Hours

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Serving the following counties:

  • Hartsville

  • Darlington

  • McBee

  • Bishopville

  • Patrick

  • Society Hill

115 North Fifth Street,
Hartsville, SC 29550
Hartsville, SC | Agapé Hospice

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Dying is not a happy experience, but having people surround your family and loved one as they pass meant the world to us. the fact that they actually care about dying peacefully and make it their goal to provide comfort and peace during the process was so comforting.

Rebecca Steele,