Employee Testimony

I would like to let everyone know that I am a proud employee of Agape Hospice, working in the Pee Dee area as a Bereavement Coordinator. I became a part of the Agape Family when Helping Hands Hospice was acquired by Agape Senior in 2007. Since that time I’ve had the opportunity to work in various positions but bereavement has always been my passion. I enjoy being able to minister to our bereaved families, as well as others in the community as they adjust to life without their loved one. While many people view their work as a job, I consider what I do to be a ministry, making a difference in the lives of people I meet on a daily basis. Being an employee of Agape Hospice also gives me the opportunity to grow professionally through Agape University. The classes I have taken so far have been a great help in many areas of my life.​

Doris B. Smith, Bereavement Coordinator

 One of the hardest things that I've had to adjust to while working at agape hospice is learning to not apologize for being great. Often I find myself in situations where I'm being told that again we were chosen over another hospice. Having friends that work for other hospices I know that the competition is tough and they need to feed their families as well as we do. But after you hire the right people, do the training, pray together as a team, and present a product that is untouchable locally, I have had to be careful not to apologize for winning. Too often in our society now we find ourselves apologizing when we win. Political correctness was never the most important aspect of a capitalist society. If people want to be on the winning team they need to improve their game and apply. 

Colan Shiver 

We appreciate your patience, kind words, encouragement, concern and at times endless explanations and answering of our many questions. May God bless your all for the wonderful job you do!

Family of Gilbert Vander Galien,