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Six Ways to De-stress That Will Make You A Better Caregiver  

Thursday, June 07, 2018 | Joe Nester


Caregivers aiding a family member or loved one during hospice give everything they can. They sacrifice. They persevere. Under these challenging circumstances, it is important that caregivers stay strong and maintain a balanced lifestyle that ensures their continued health and wellbeing.

Six Ways to De-Stress and Recharge:

Stay in Touch with Friends. Even if you cannot see them in person, reach out to friends regularly. Talk about hobbies, discuss things of mutual interest, and share time together. Whether by text, email, or voice or video chat, stay connected with your extended support system.

Visit Nearby Places that Bring Comfort. Allowing yourself time in a park, botanical garden, or other place away from the situation provides you a chance to collect your thoughts and catch your breath. Choose locations that you find comfortable and enjoy, whether standing alongside a lake or strolling through a mall.

Reward Yourself with Relaxing Moments. Give yourself a warm bath with a good book, a movie with popcorn, a nap, or another diversion that lets you relax. Put any idea of guilt aside. These restful moments will recharge your batteries.

Enjoy a Special Dish. Splurge on a meal you have wanted for a long time, visit a restaurant you enjoy, or have a little extra dessert. We often disrupt our eating habits during stressful moments. We cannot do that.

Embrace Your Creative Talents. Draw, write, paint, crochet, or do other hobbies you enjoy. Comfort yourself with these creative activities while remaining nearby.

Profess Your Faith. If religion is important to you, be sure to give yourself time for worship and fellowship with members of your congregation and support network.

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Thank you so much for all that the staff did for my Dad. I appreciate all the services that were provided and all your kind thoughts and prayers.

The Smith Family,