5 Wishes for April and National Healthcare Decisions Day April 16th

Monday, April 16, 2018 | Suzanne Bullock

April 16 is the National Healthcare Decision (NHDD) day, a day designed to emphasize the importance of proactive planning for health emergencies and seniors’ health management. NHDD encourages people to make their wishes about emergency medical care and subsequently solidify these wishes in a living will or an advance directive. Not only does documenting these decisions give you peace of mind that you will receive the care you want, it keeps your family from having to make the difficult decision of guessing what treatment you would prefer.

Here are five wishes for National Healthcare Decision Day;

Who do I want to make medical care decisions for me when I can’t?

Here, you assign your designated proxy the power to make any emergency medical care decisions on your behalf. The proxy will speak on your behalf and sign consents on your behalf.

What kinds of medical treatment do I or don’t want?

This section defines what life support treatment means to you and when you would or would not prefer it. For example, if your heart stopped pumping or you stopped breathing, would you prefer CPR or other life-saving measures?

How comfortable do I want to be?

This section addresses your comfort in the case of a health emergency. For example, what kind of pain management would you prefer, bathing and personal grooming instructions. Also, you can decide on the available options for hospice care.

How do I want people to treat me?

Here, you choose how you want to be handled during emergency care. For example, you can decide on whether you want to be at home or at a care center, and if you would like someone to pray at your bedside among other decisions.

What I want my family and friends to know

Matters of forgiveness and how you wish to be remembered are dealt with under this section. Also, you can make decisions regarding your funeral and memorial plans.

The NHDD is not always an easy day to stomach, but it is an important occasion. It affords you an opportunity to make decisions about the moments that matter most in your emergency care treatment.

At Agapé Hospice we are a faith-based hospice care center in South Carolina. We understand how hard these decisions can be and are here to assist you throughout the process, from initial decisions through your hospice journey. We are located in over 20 locations in the state to ensure family members are close to their loved ones. Whether you are a patient, caregiver or family member seeking care, we are here to help. Contact us today to begin turning your healthcare decisions into action.

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Kimberly, Daughter