Four Ways to Provide Comfort & Safety for Your Loved One This Holiday Season

Friday, Dec 07, 2018 | Admin

Four Ways to Provide Comfort & Safety for Your Loved One This Holiday Season

If your loved one is under the care of Hospice, you may be wondering how you can make them feel involved during this holiday season regardless of their current status. Here is a list of several ways you can provide safety and comfort for your loved one over the holidays.

Honor Family Traditions

Do your best to follow time honored family traditions, such as holiday gatherings and decorating. Consider decorating where your loved one spends the most time and bringing them a plate of their favorite holiday meal. This allows them to feel a part of the holiday festivities while remaining as comfortable as possible.

Avoid Overstimulation

Depending on how your loved one is feeling, they can be a bit overstimulated by too many guests all at one time. Consider keeping visits with the patient short and limiting the number of visitors that come for festivities simultaneously.

Prepare Your Loved One for Guests

Consider festive clothing, holiday themed pillows or bedding, and playing soft Christmas music will enhance the surrounding to create the perfect holiday ambiance.

Know How to Handle Unexpected Situations and Emergencies

Caregivers need to know how to handle situations that may arise concerning the health of their patient. Our enhanced care model for staffing, provides Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nurses working seven days a week. Also, Agape Hospice provides a convenient resource guide to assist you with any additional questions you may have concerning care. Agape Hospice Resource Guide.

Remembering Loved Ones Who Have Passed On This Holiday Season

There are several ways to honor a loved one who has passed by keeping their spirit alive during the holiday season. If you have old traditions such as caroling, or baking special treats, continue those traditions in honor of their memory. Lighting a candle or putting a picture of a loved one in a prominent place can help to include them in any family celebrations. It can also encourage family members to share memorable stories about their loved one thereby helping to ease the sense of loss.

If you have any questions concerning hospice care, contact the experts at Agape Hospice today.

Our family wants to thank Agape for the way your staff ministered to us during the decline of our father and husband, Joe Moss. We are so appreciative of the resources and services Agape provided us, and we're also thankful for the love and care your staff gave Joe and his wife, Ann.

Sheila Moss, Greenville, SC

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