3 Ways to Celebrate Moments with Mom in Hospice  

Monday, May 07, 2018 | Suzanne Bullock


Mother's Day is fast approaching, and you might be looking for ways to celebrate the last fun moments with your mother in hospice. It can be a real challenge to find ideas for enjoying the final moments with your mom.

We’ve gathered fantastic ideas for you to share memorable moments with your mom in hospice that you’ll all enjoy;

Be Present for Her

Even with your other responsibilities, you ought to schedule some uninterrupted time to spend with your mom. Being present for her is the best gift you can ever get her.

If possible, you can enjoy her special meal together. Allow her to speak her mind about her last moments. Reaffirm your love for her and let her know how grateful you are she’s part of your life.

Share the family history and the fun times you can recall or even hold hands and savor some silent moments.

Get Her a Gift

At this point in her life, your mom doesn’t need showering with gifts and goodies. In fact, as we pointed out, time and love are the most priceless gifts you can probably get her.

But if a few items can help your mom find comfort and smile, then you can provide. Gift ideas include a unique & comfortable pillow, a pretty shawl, a jacket or even a book she can read.

Share Some Sweet Memories

Talking will do fine, but picture books or albums can also help reminisce the history for the fun and crazy times you had together as a family.

She may not be strong enough to lift an album. So you can get an electronic photo frame capable of going through hundreds or thousands of photos automatically and leave it at her bedside.

Moments With Mom

Your last days or weeks at the hospice can be the happiest moments you've spent together. And now that the Mother's Day is around the corner; by all means, make it count. Create time to be with her, share memories, and listen to what she has to say. Thank her for everything.

At Agape Hospice, we work closely with patients, caregivers, physicians and family members in offering treatment and support to patients during the final stages of their illness.

Our family wants to thank Agape for the way your staff ministered to us during the decline of our father and husband, Joe Moss. We are so appreciative of the resources and services Agape provided us, and we're also thankful for the love and care your staff gave Joe and his wife, Ann. 

Sheila Moss, Greenville, SC