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Agapé Invests $6 Million Dollars for New Hospice House in Tri-County

Wednesday, June 06, 2018 | Joe Nester

Agapé Hospice, one of the largest providers of hospice services in South Carolina and the largest provider of inpatient hospice care in the state, announced that construction has begun on its 30 private room, 20,000 square foot Hospice House located at 357 Myers Road, in Goose Creek, SC.

Founder and developer, Scott Middleton explains that a hospice house providing inpatient care, is critical to the overall delivery of hospice services for their patients. According to Middleton, "98% of hospice care is provided in a patient’s home, but legally and ethically, hospice companies are required to provide an inpatient solution. Agapé Hospice has always been and will continue to provide this service either through contracted services with hospitals, nursing facilities or in our own hospice houses."

This facility will be the third hospice house in South Carolina for Agapé and upon completion, will increase the company’s available beds to over 75 for inpatient stays. Middleton explains, "We do not consider other hospice providers as competition because currently less than 40% of all patients who qualify for hospice services ever receive end-of life care in South Carolina. In fact, hospice is designed for an average length of stay of six months, but in South Carolina, the average length of stay is just over 70 days. The state, along with all hospice providers, have an obligation to ensure people are aware of their hospice benefits and are given every opportunity to receive proper end-of life care."

According to Middleton, the hospice house construction project has a projected completion date of December of 2018, but licensure and certification can sometimes take an additional six months. Agapé Hospice is looking forward to when their new facility is able to start meeting the inpatient care needs of residents throughout the Greater Charleston area.


Dying is not a happy experience, but having people surround your family and loved one as they pass meant the world to us. the fact that they actually care about dying peacefully and make it their goal to provide comfort and peace during the process was so comforting.

Rebecca Steele,