Agape Hospice | Providing South Carolina Hospice Care

Agapé Hospice provides compassionate, supportive care in a positive and faith-based manner. As a multicultural organization, we aim to meet the needs of a diverse population. We have over 20 locations throughout South Carolina to serve your needs.

Our faith guides us through each day and we aim to provide you with that same endearing passion. Our President is a Christian minister, leading us with much more than just physical and emotional support, but also spiritual guidance. And, as a multicultural organization, we treat everyone with the same compassion and support.

A Caring, Loving Hospice Service in South Carolina

By providing our residents and their families with comprehensive and high-quality end of life care services, we can reduce their burden during this difficult time. Our team’s faith-based approach focuses on the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each of our residents and their family members. We customize care to meet the needs of each individual and provide respectful, loving support.

Our Team

The Agapé Hospice family is a multicultural, faith-centered team made up of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, homemakers, medical social workers, chaplains, grief counselors and hospice volunteers. Each member of our team has specialized training and a unique role to fill in the hospice experience. However, we all have one thing in common. We are all here to provide the highest level of care and comfort to our patients and heir loved ones. Every member of the Agapé Hospice team is here to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Complete Hospice Care Customized to Your Needs

To accomplish this, Agapé Hospice provides a full line of services. This includes the following throughout our South Carolina locations. We offer home hospice services as well as onsite hospice services. Our experienced professionals also provide hospice in facilities throughout the area. We also aim to education the individual, the family, and the community about end of life decisions, experiences, and needs. We understand your needs are even more diverse than this. That is why we also offer full grief support and spiritual support to each of our patients. Our modern palliative services can offer everyone involved in the process the support and guidance they need during this time.

When you meet with our team at Agapé Hospice, we’ll help you to learn about each of these types of hospice service and how they can help to meet your immediate needs. Whether there is a long battle ahead or just a few days of care and comfort that you and your family need, Agapé Hospice aims to provide that service in the most appropriate manner possible for your needs.

Helping You to Know Your Options

End of life decisions, including whether or not to reach out for hospice care, can be difficult. You do not have to do it alone. When you work closely with Agapé Hospice, we can help to encourage you to take the right steps for you and your family. That first step comes by working with the well-trained and highly experienced team at Agapé Hospice.

Discuss with us what your needs are, what your concerns are, and what your options are. At Agapé Hospice, we know that every journey through the end of life is difficult for each person involved, but with the guidance of our team and the spiritual support you gain here, we aim to make the process as peaceful and as comfortable for you and your loved ones.

Contact our healthcare professionals today. At Agapé Hospice, you will always receive unparalleled care.

Our hospital is a tertiary care facility that is right off interstate. We get patients from across the country and around the world. This has been my most difficult placement. Assisting a patient back to Pakistan was easier than South Carolina. Your team will remain in my contact list. I only wish I had found them sooner. 


Misty Otey, RN, Case Manager